Bike Hugger Magazine Sample

Socially awkward and building bikes

On a tumblr and to our Google Currents subscribers, we just shared a sample from Issue 01 of our new magazine. It’s a story about Paul Budnitz, a socially-awkward bike builder who previously founded Kid Robot. David J. Schloss visited with Paul, toured the factory, and rode around on a $6,000 cruiser. In the article, David asks if a crazy, expense cruiser is worth it. Read it to find out and consider that subscription revenues directly support the writing, editing, and production of Hugga Mag. It’s ad free and published monthly on iTunes for $3.99 an issue or $2.99 per month.

From Kid Robot he made another interesting turn, deciding to launch a high-end bicycle company. He’s not exactly a custom bike builder—he doesn’t weld the bikes himself or assemble them—and he’s not exactly a manufacturer either like Trek or Specialized. But he’s designed the bikes (including the sweeping curved lines of his frames), he’s spec’d the builds, selected the partners and overseen the production of the bikes.

This Winter we'll launch the Mag on Google Play and elsewhere too. Now, we’re already working on Issue 05.

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