Bike Hugger Kickstand

Been mentioning our new product for the past few weeks and it’s here with us in Booth 106, as part of our SXSW Trifecta.

Kickstand holds your iPhone 4 while you watch videos or read. Simple, lightweight, and practically indestructible. Kickstand will ship in April 2011 and costs $4.99.

Bike Hugger Kickstand Model: Rear

Bike Hugger Kickstand Model: Side

Free Samples

We’re soft-launching Kickstand with codes for free samples. We want to get these out into your hands so you can try it out, give us feedback, and tell your friends. After SXSW, we’ll put them into production and ship in April 2011.

More Photos

Photos from our tests while flying and traveling on Flickr. Videos soon.

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