Bike Glamping with B-Turtle

You heard about bike camping right (touring, but whatever)? Well, here’s bike glamping with B-Turtle as seen at Eurobike and from the Gentle Tent. I didn’t make the annual bike industry trade show in Europe, but I did spot this luxurious micro-caravan for e-bikes in my friend’s posts.

The B-Turtle is made of a lightweight aluminum construction and weighs 30kg. It consists of

  • Aluminum bike trailer (Length: 110cm, Width: 79cm, Height: 58cm)
  • Drawbar with Weber coupling
  • Integrated transport tray inside the bike trailer with a load capacity of about 120 liters (Length: 104cm, Width: 45cm, Height: 26cm). A waterproof PVC bag is protecting its content and can be completely closed via a zipper.
  • The tent sits on top of the trailer and connects via a Velcro strap (Pack size in turtle mode – Length: 105cm, Width: 79cm, Height: 15cm)
  • Two aluminum support struts provide greater stability for the deck platform.

In camping mode, the tent offers

  • An inflatable stable deck platform made of drop stitch material (Length: 210cm, Width: 130cm, Height: 15cm)
  • The actual air tent above the deck platform provides a pleasant interior height of about 130cm in the entire tent. Ventilation and light is ensured by a window on the rear wall and two windows with mosquito nets on both sides.
  • A connected awning serves as an entrance area and provides plenty of headroom and a fully rollable doorway. The storage space inside the bike trailer is easily accessible from the awning. (Length: 110cm, Width: 130cm, Height: 200cm).

To enable a weight load of up to 200kg in camping mode, the wheel axle is enclosed on both sides by the B-Turtle’s frame. Unlike conventional quick-release axles, The B-Turtle retails for €2.990.

The B-Turtle isn’t the first bike camper we’ve seen from Eurobike or last. There’s also this camper and the Kevin Cyr concept seen in 2009.

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