Big Butts or Lack Thereof

Asked this on Twitter today and Facebook

Why do women think cycling makes their butts fat?

and the replies came in like this

  • danceralamode: WHAT? Cycling gave me my tight ass! I don’t know who thinks that it makes UR butt fat. That’s just silly.
  • GraphikDeziner: Very true. But all my hard work doesn’t show in 90% of the technical apparell I have
  • kee73 Cycling didn’t make my butt fat but instead actually gave me one where there wasn’t any before! Sa-weet!
  • L. Lisa Lawrence: I happen to like my round girlie cyclist butt. Women are supposed to have butts. Personally I like the fact that cycling rounds it and lifts it up. That looks much better than a flabby flat butt.


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