Big Brother Benefits Cyclists


SPD report

If a cop could discover what car was in an intersection when a hit and run occurred, they’d make more arrests and convictions, right? Well, hadn’t thought of it that way until this week when a cop did just that in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The Capitol Hill Seattle blog has the story and note that cyclist was not badly hurt.

Seattle Police arrested a 28-year-old Capitol Hill man in Saturday night’s reported hit and run involving a Car2Go vehicle striking a bicyclist at the intersection of Bellevue Ave and E Olive St. According to an SPD report on the incident, officers were able to track the driver down at his Capitol Hill apartment with help from the car sharing service. Saturday night, Car2Go was able to provide the name and address of the person who had last rented the car reported by the victim and witnesses at the scene of the 8:30 PM incident and also located the vehicle.

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