Bicycle Travel

During the past year, we traveled and rode in many places around the world. Those places include Tuscany, Rome, Amsterdam, Vegas, Shanghai, Taipei, Austin, Portland, Maui, Monterey, Kona, Santa Barbara, and Japan.

Our 08 travel posts, photos, and videos, are gathered here on this topic page.


Mindful of the economy and unsure of what 09 holds for us, there’s still much to read and offer our readers from last year. If you’re considering traveling by bike, do it. It changed my perspective and the one thing that I can say I learned in 08, was how to travel with bikes. I also sadly learned what naked short selling is, but that’s another matter for money bloggers.

That much time on the road led to my recent series of posts about traveling with a computer. Towards SXSW this Spring, we’ll write up a few posts about S&S cases, folding bikes, and other tips about traveling with your bike.


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