Best of Bikes

It’s that time of year when magazines and media are all publishing top-tens, and the best of lists. We thought, let’s ask the readers what they think was the best of bikes this year.

Looking at our stats, here’s what you searched for, read, and responded to the most.

Typical searches
Fat guy, pink bike, amsterdam, steampunk, bike hugger
Popular tags
urban, MarkV, photos, racing, commute.
Popular entries
Kona Ute, In The Bike Shop: The “Bro” Deal, Bike Blogs, aero wheel wisdom, Helmet Laws in Effect.
Popular photos
Pam & Palin: on Stage, Trek Soho S Japan Spotted, Kona Ute Bike, Hugger @ SXSW Day 2: Drunk, No Makeup, Riding to work, Big Dummy Spotted.
Popular goods
Tees, Socks, Jerseys.
Popular videos
Huggacast 49: Bianchi Oh-Nine, Huggacast 45: Look 09, Huggacast 63: Dura Ace Electric Di2, Mavic Shoes, Huggacast 36: Scenes from Shanghai.

One of our most popular photos, the Trek Soho S.

Trek Soho S Japan Spotted

So what did you think was the best? The Big Dummy? All the people that bike to worked? Let’s discuss …

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