BBC Report: Driving Causes Mental Health Issues


Covering a scientist with findings they call “surprising” (but will surprise exactly zero people reading this blog) the BBC says that neurologists are discovering that a car-based commute is stressful enough to be damaging to one’s mental health.

The researcher–the very same that coined the phrase “road rage” thirty years ago–tracks participants wearing stress-monitoring gear as they commute to work. So that you may avoid the typically-boring BBC bit, here is a summary of what they found.

Taking the bus to work is stressful, but overall more relaxing toward the end of the journey. (Most of the stress comes from worrying if your bus will arrive.)

Driving a car has peaks of stress and overall a high level of stress.

Driving a car is bad for your mental health.

I’m not sure why it takes scientists and monitors to come to this conclusion–I figured it out the day I took my driver’s license test but now it’s official. Cars are indeed coffins.

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