Baskets and Lights

Jennifer asked

Hey! I have a Globe Live 2 mixte with a front rack/porteur basket, which I love. Now that it’s getting dark earlier, I’m stumped on front lights. I tried a handlebar mounted light (until my 5 year old broke it), but the basket got in the way of it lighting the street. I tried a Blackburn flea strapped to the front fork, but the basket again blocked my vision of the lighted street. I feel like a light mounted on the front of the basket would be ideal, but I need help finding one that will fit, as the bar is thinner than standard handlebars. Any help?

Good question. We’ve got the same problem with the Bettie. It’s got a honking-huge, girly wicker basket on the front. What we use is a Princeton Tec and set it up high on the bar. It clears the basket. They don’t make the model we’ve got anymore, but you maybe able to try a headmount style light and weave the band through the front of the basket.

Bettie with Basket

Readers? Any suggestions for Jennifer?

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