Back from Oahu

For the second year, I flew to the Hawaiian island of Oahu to do the Honolulu Century with some friends. After months of grinding away at the bike shop, I had 6 days of sunshine to roll out almost 400miles. I did almost nothing other than eat, sleep, and ride. It was wonderful.

The last day in Oahu, I got up before dawn to ride out to Makapuu Lookout to try to catch the sunrise. I didn’t quite time the 45min ride from Waikiki right, so I just missed the daybreak, but it was just epic beauty all the same. There was some misting rain moving in from the water and I snapped a candid shot of a girl climbing up the lookout.

Oahu 12 girl at dawn 2

Then this crazy double rainbow appeared, hovering in mid-air above the water…it looked so surreal that it coulda been some inter dimensional portal.

Oahu 16 : double rainbow at Makapuu

Then I rode back to the hotel, showered and packed my bike. After that everything is kinda blurry as I pulled a typical Mark V and got blitzed on rum and Hawaiian pineapple juice. How I managed to get to the airport with all my belongings will forever be a mystery.

Anyways….Hawaii: it’s as good as they say.

Oahu 15 Makapuu self-pic plus double rainbow

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