Attn: Feed Readers UPDATE


Apologies again for sending you gigantic images in your feed reader. The issue is now resolved and if you’re still seeing the giant images or video, please refresh or clear the cache. The cache will update itself in the next few hours and after we start posting again. We hope our bug didn’t blow through too much of your data plan or bandwidth.

So what happened was, we rolled out RWD images – they adjust to the size of the mobile screen – and RSS choked on the code. After a day spent traversing the DOM to replace width/height attributes inline, we’ve solved it.

I’ve been writing about RWD and living through days like this on G+. Read more about it here.

Now we’ll resume our regular programing with a video that features a cranky old Brit bike builder who in the first few seconds says

When we were riding there were only 5 speeds and we only rode 4. Now they’ve got 21 speeds and you don’t know what gear you’re in.

Like hey back in the day, you got ONE image size. That’s it. No adaptive/responsive shit. We push the web tech here like we do on our bikes. Sometimes it breaks.

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