You may have seen the OPEN Cycle UPPER I have in on demo, in flat black matte. That bike and my brown one take me to lots of places, including a dive bar or two. That’s the point of this category of bike, whatever you wish to call it—gravel, all road, every road, or road+—it’s meant for the unbeaten path.

And, responding to customer demand for more colors, exclusivity, and being Swiss, OPEN has teamed up with ASSOS to create co-branded apparel and frameset.

“About a year ago, we met up with the team at OPEN in Switzerland to explore additional ways our compatible brands could work together, specifically in the U.S. market,” said Chris MacKay, North American marketing manager for ASSOS. (They also have a fondness for all caps names.)

Find the ASSOS OPEN U.P.P.E.R. through the select dealer network by contacting OPEN, and co-branded apparel available at

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