Assos for the Roadie

Before Rapha convinced roadies the color pink was cool, there was Assos and white. They’ve been innovating and pushing the market since the 70s with lots of imitators, ripoffs, and way less-expensive options. They also made the first carbon bike.

PressCamp Assos: Pad in Clinical Blue

Stretch, floating pad in clinical blue

We save our Assos for the long days and have a one pair of shorts that are 20 years old. Still wear them on the trainer. Since urban, tweed rides, and plain-clothes cycling, I’ve been saying, “wear whatever you want” and I mix up my gear depending on what I’m doing. If you’re into the road and want to go full-on roadie, go for it. You’ve got our permission and Assos has gear for you, like this updated Climajet jacket now called ClimaX

PressCamp Assos: Climajet

that you can squeeze down into a ball and put in your jersey pocket.

PressCamp Assos: Climajet Balled Up

I’ve got an original Climajet and it introduced breathable plastic to the market

See more Assos in our photostream and watch their rep in a video with FredCast.

PressCamp Assos: Interview

Video still, click for the movie

He tells us about their history, new product, pricing, and warranty.

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