Ask Bike Hugger: Rent or Bring Them?

Reader Rah141 wrote and asked

Just curious-did you rent bikes or bring them?

Rah141 was referring to our recent trip to Cabo. My response is, “I travel with a bike most everywhere I go.” And when I don’t, I feel like something is missing the entire time, like I forgot a dongle or something.

Depending on the trip, I’ll take a Brompton, my Modal, or Dahon. Last year, I posted on the types of travel bikes and I “choose the bike by the amount of ride time I’ll have and terrain.” Tomorrow I’m flying to NYC for the Climate Ride with a Brompton from Clever Cycles. Watch for tweets and photos on Flickr.

Cabo:  Tamales

No Airline Fees

The only time I get angry at the price flyers pay to fly bikes, is when I take the race bike in a Scicon case. I rarely do that and haven’t paid to fly a bike since I started traveling with folders and S&S bikes. A folding bike – in any flavor – should pass by the gate agent without a fee. When they ask you what’s in the case, I suggest you Jedi Mind Trick them with a these are not the bikes you’re looking for stare and say

  • Camera equipment
  • Tradeshow gear
  • Makeup
  • Drums
  • Mumble something with a mushmouth

I’m under absolutely no obligation to tell them what I’m flying with because they’re going to scan it and TSA check it anyway. The last time I was asked I said, “I’m working on fixing Spiderman on Broadway and that’s packed with masks.”

Why Lock, Fold

I don’t lock my bike when traveling or running errands either. I fold it and take it with me.

Folded at the Dentist

Cabo Rentals

They do rent mountain bikes in Cabo for trail riding. The riding I did there was on the main highway on a wide shoulder between resorts. I would not venture out much farther than that or ride a road without a shoulder. In town on cruisers, absolutely. Also consider buying a cheap bike at Costco, ride it around, and leave it behind with the concierge.

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