ARTCRANK Denver: April 11, 2009

On Saturday night I went to ARTCRANK Denver–“a poster party for bike people”–and ended up having a great time.

ARTCRANK Denver: Fueled by Beer

For starters, they chose a great block on Colfax to throw their party and got the participation of lots of Denverites, making it a truly local party. It helps that I’m fond of that part of Colfax–I owned a home there up until recently–but the Shoppe (home of some of Denver finest cupcakes) and the Fabric Lab (which trades in some fine bike-themed apparel) were also great choices for partners helping to transform that block of Colfax into a cycling spectacle.

There were some bitchin’ prints for sale and I bought a few:

ARTCRANK Denver: PrintARTCRANK Denver: PrintARTCRANK Denver: Print

Fixie kids:

ARTCRANK Denver: Fashion ShowARTCRANK Denver: CrowdsARTCRANK Denver: Backwards

A fashion show of sorts, and an appearance by Denver’s own Boba Fett and the Americans.

Oh, and beer. They throw a good party. If you’re interested in prints, visit the Shoppe or Fabric Lab in the next month–they are apparently selling the remaining prints until May 2, 2009.