Are You Fing Blind, BRO! It Wet Bro!

face plant concrete

Chandler’s body imprint in concrete

Not since Don’t Steal Bikes Bro, has a catch phrase with Bro in it had the potential to catch on more, maybe even trend on twitter: #youblindbro? Like, how could you NOT see that was wet concrete? Well, Salvador, seen in the photo next to Chandler’s body print, was fired the next day for failing to put out traffic cones. He was yelling IT WET BRO at cyclists who also rode into the wet concrete. How was there not a webcam on the scene, beaming a comedic stream to America’s Funniest Videos?

'nago in Concrete

As the story was told to me after this photo was seen in Facebook feeds and Twitter

This happened on the Highline canal trail east of Havana. I was riding into the sun, came around a bend, saw some dark concrete and next thing I knew I was flying thru the air. Landed in wet concrete. The guy in the picture with my body imprint is Salvador. He was the first one who spoke to me and it was “Are you fucking blind bro?!”. “Are you an idiot?” “cant you see its wet?” I responded with “where are the cones and tape?!” His response was “you cant see its wet bro?”


Capo in Concrete

Capo in Concrete

Also seen on Stevil’s blog and Adventure Journal.

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