Aprire: Changing Layup

Hasselblad and Whiskey

Hasselblad and Whiskey by Dan Rubin

Arrived in London yesterday and sightseeing like proper tourists today. Last night it was drinks, talking cameras, and street photography with my friend Dan Rubin. Took a short ride on a factory sample Aprire too. More on the impressive bike with video when we’re back in Seattle.

British for layup


Will say now that the ride was so unexpectedly good, in ways I’ve not felt before on a bike, that it’ll take a much longer review to explain. Like how the engineer has worked in the industry for over ten years working on frame design, suspension systems and components, as well as working in non bike related large engineering products and he decided to make bikes and apply his material-science knowledge to layup. I’ve complained about the lack of innovation in the bike business for about 5 years, still nothing seismic has happened with this Italian-made carbon frame, but if Aprire can break into the US market it’ll change our expectations of ride quality.

For reference, I’m comparing Aprire’s tech to wide road rims. The thoughtful innovation Hed brought to the market a few years ago is now standard issue for racing wheels. How bikes are laid up and what we expect them to do, may incrementally change for the better like wheels did, if enough Aprires get ridden.

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