Apre Bike: Cebe S Teem


Wearing these new Cebes

A pair of Cebe’s arrived a few weeks ago and I’ve been traveling with them ever since. The reason I like them so much is they’re barely there. Very lightweight with good optics, comfortable temples, and nose pads. When I’m at an event taking photos or running errands on my cargo bike, it’s what I’m wearing.

You may have noticed a wave of Taiwan-made, inexpensive eyewear from Tifos, Spy, and also Lazer. The optics is where they’re saving money and I can’t wear most of them; especially if they’ve got a coating on the lenses. I get dizzy and it feels like motion sickness. The Cebe’s are as clear as the Rudy Fluos and the photochromic Magnetos – can’t wear the Lazer popsicle flavors though.


Rudy’s latest Fluos

Cebe is a 120-yr old company French, part of Bushnell, and they’re bringing their eyewear to the States. Ask your local bike shop about them. They’re packed with tech and most importantly for all-day wear, lightweight.

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