Another Tour: Wiggo v. Cuddles

It’s Wiggo v. Cuddles in the Tour this year and we’re watching it on the American TV channel formerly known as OLN. Then Versus and now NBC Sports Network. Ignoring all the Bob Roll piss, fart, and a hot triathlete commercials too. With pithy observations on Twitter like

giro with wings


Jelly bean aero shapes are old news. Winglets are fast, like a 737.



A more manly Spartacus

Spartacus has a Pelostache now! Of course, a Tour isn’t one without a doping scandal in the news. I’ll post more news from the mainstream to the obscure on our G+ page. Like this Google Earth view of the Tour stages.

For something different and with that new Womens’ bike from Cannnodale, follow the Reve Tour.

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