Another Bike Show in Austin

Free bikes are fun

Free bikes are fun

En route to Austin today for another Hugga Show a SXSW. A Mobile Social, Bike Meetup, and our bike maker event, Built are planned. Jokingly called it the Southbysequestor cause it’ll def suck up all my time while there, as it’s done for 9 years, 7 of those with Bike Hugger. And good times they are, especially now that our friends at Tern offer attendees free bikes to ride.

I’m also riding each morning out in the Texas Hill country. Ping me on Twitter if you’d like to join us.


7th annual Mobile Social SXSW 13 at the Chevy Tweethouse inside Mellow Johnnys. Ride with us around town, then back to the Tweethouse for beer, bbq, and music. No credentials are needed for the ride, but a badge or wristband from us is to get into the Tweethouse.


Bike Culture Meetup – geek out with us about the bike while we’re in town, ask any questions too: tire pressure, shaving legs, saddle sores?


Built – our bike-themed, maker event.

Photo: KK+

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