And Thy Children Shall Never Know Thy Cable


Over drinks the other night with my friend Dave, owner of Toga Bikes we got to discussing his new Specialized road bike that just arrived tricked out with Shimano’s electronic Di2 group. And that’s when Dave dropped this mind-bomb on me.

“I said to my daughter [who is now three years old] ‘do you want to see Daddy’s bike?’ and she said yes. So we went to the basement and I showed her the shift buttons. She pushed a button and the derailleur makes a noise and she giggles. She pushes it again and it makes another noise and she giggles again. And do you know what? She’s going to grow up thinking that that’s how bikes shift. She’s never going to know that a derailleur uses cables. Her very first memory of shifting a bike is an electronic system.”

Tomorrow is here folks–the iPod has replaced the CD, the Kindle is replacing books and electronic shifting is going to replace mechanical. It’s already started.

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