An Average Commute

An Average Commute: Lemond Zurich Lemond Zurich and I kept a brisk commuter pace while discussing frame materials.

Wondered what all the construction was between the Stadia with Bianchi Flatbar and hoped the City would at least add a bike lane.

An Average Commute: Raleigh Cross Raleigh Cross bike appreciated the “nice bike” comment as I passed and Kona Dew just nodded as I rode by.

Human-powered was tucked into that fast bike and didn’t notice the iPhone camera.

An Average Commute: HPV

Unicycle was firm in his “one wheel is enough” belief. An Average Commute: Unicycle

Occasionally we’ll ride with Seattleites on their commutes and talk about bikes, what they’re riding, and wearing. Last week most cyclists had their good bikes out. That’ll change when the rain starts and it’s the winter, fendered bikes.

Spotted lots of Sugio and Novara gear on this ride.

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