An Aero Saddlebag from SciCon

When your aero road bike isn’t aero enough, time to start tricking it out with brakes, wheel/tires, and this SciCon Aeronaut Saddlebag.

Still life with a saddle bag

The Aeronaut is a nylon cup with a slippery silicon cover and attaches with turn on/off cleat. It’s just big enough for a tube, levers, and Co2 cartridge. Note how it tucks up right under the saddle like a healthy pair.

Tucked up all proper like

We know the teardrop shape means the air is flowing from your butt and right off of the saddlebag. Stealthy looking too, like you bros may think you got some secret electronics in there.

The Aeronaut is on my travel bike now for the trip to Maui, but when we get back, it’s going right onto the demo Venge. I got a call into Specialized to see if we can get some Windtunnel time with this saddlebag setup.

Stealthy too

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