AMZ-Balled Again!

The Amazing Clip-n-Seal video from a decade ago

I arrived back in the office with lots of work and my face on Amazon again, but what I really want to do is Pump Hop, like this! Learning and practicing that technique of “unweighting the bike up a set of stairs” will have to wait as we’re in the pole position again on the world largest online retailer, like a call up at Natz, and got to hold the line…

Being AMZ-Balled

So why does this keep happening and how can you take advantage of it? The Interwebs love the success of a small business that’s worked hard and made a great product. Here are more success stories and a similar thing happened to our editor David when he launched a small coffee shop. Kickstarter ran it on their home page for a month because like Amazon, other Internet-only companies portray success stories of small businesses that rely on them, to help them connect with their customers.

My good friend Kevin Tamura coined a term for Clip-n-Seals on Amazon: being AMZ-balled. That’s when their spotlight hits you (sometimes repeatedly) and it bumps what you’re doing up to the next level. Since the feature started running, we’ve booked the factory for months and it’s running 24/7 to keep up with demand. Yep, our ticket got punched.

For some background, Clip-n-Seals are made by the same company that publishes Bike Hugger and are the original, rod-and-clamp style bag clip that’s designed in Seattle and been manufactured in Yakima, WA for over a decade.

Read the Amazon featured story here and here’s a behind-the-scenes video look at Clip-n-Seals being made.

Now this post is out, time to try a few Pump Hop attempts!

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