Almost Gas Free on the Swing Bridge

Stopping for drawbridges usually means interesting people and photos, like this Almost Gas Free cyclist. He agreed to the photo as long as we said things like, “it’s a movement, being gas free” or “stop eating Fart Bars and you’ll definitely go almost gas free.”

In the Summer, I enjoy the Spokane Street Swing Bridge and not so much in the Winter when it’s pouring rain, cold, and no one is there except you. While waiting, you can contemplate the engineering marvel it is. It was featured on the Discovery Channel and other blogs call it the “low bridge” because it sits next to the much higher West Seattle Bridge. We prefer Swing cause we’ve watched it worked so many times and there ain’t nothing low about it.

We’ve also tested our Sprint on it by attempting to out run the bell when it rings and make it across the other side before the gates close. Both times FAILED and the bridge attendant is not very nice about telling you to ride back and wait.

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