Rugged Power to Go: Adventure H20 6k

Adventure H20 6k

The Adventure H20 6K portable chargers from myCharge (on Amazon for $39.99) are built to withstand any condition. One of them will provide the power you need while being distant in therain, mud, extreme heat or cold. Even, all of those conditions combined.

Adventure H20 6k
Adventure H20 6k

The charger is encased in an insulated, ruggedized exterior. The case protects the battery from extreme weather temperatures. They are completely waterproof with an IP67 rating. That means the chargers will function after taking a dip in the lake. I toss one into the bag on my bike without concern, even on the rainiest days.

The built-in carabineer attaches to a my messenger bag when traveling. I take the Adventure H20 6k with me into the North Cascades.

  • Portable Charger: Ideal for providing power boosts and extending the life of your device. 6,700mAh and 2.4A of shared output power for up to 4x extra battery with USB-C.
  • Waterproof Rubberized Finish: Waterproof, drop-resistant and dirt-proof. I use it while while camping and riding, also on the go around town.
  • Built-In Carabiner: attach to a backpack or inside of your bike bag.
  • Pass-Through Charging: The pass-through charging technology allows you to charge the power bank and connected device simultaneously.

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