Adventure Bike: Finna Landscape GT

Adventure in Spain

A Spanish adventure

Spam from Spain’s Finna Cycles gets past email filters to reveal an exceptionally well-spec’d touring bike… the Finna Landscape. A second before I normally would’ve cursed and deleted the email, I see the photos, like this.


A coast somewhere, maybe the Costa Brava

So Finna can mark that as win in their CRM for email campaigns and I encourage you to see what they’re doing. So a company I’ve never heard of builds to the adventure/touring trend with an exceptionally well-spec’d bike. Steel, American Classics, Schwalbe, fenders, and so on. American companies, the big ones that import bikes, should take notice in their meetings trying to figure out how to market the gravel trend.

Lunch or breakfast stop

Lunch or breakfast stop

Note: grabbed the photos from an email, so don’t have anything high rez from Finna.

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