Adiubik Clipless Pedal Adaptor

Design student Christian Breig wrote to tell us about Adiubik

Biking with clipless pedals increases your effective power up to 40%. No Wonder that bikers like to use this system on their daily rides. But the use of clipless shoes and pedals isn´t comfortable in everyday life. Our lifestyles changes daily we won´t be limited to one pair of shoes with a stiff sole. My Design allows to use every clipless systems with nearly all kind of shoes. The product has been awarded with the eurobike award 2010.

and we’re interested, as users of both clipless pedals and old-school PowerGrips.



Images: Christian Breig

Rather than take two sets of pedals with me when I travel on business with a bike, I use the Time Z Downhill because I can clip in and also wear it with regular shoes. With Breig’s design, I could take one set of ATACs and clip this into it for the regular shoes. While appreciating Christian’s design, do wonder about how quick you can get your feet out of his adaptor or clip out and step down on the street in a hurry.

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