A Zipp Duct Tape Click Fix

Zipp Duct Tape Fix

Duct tape click fix

That moment when you realize you forgot to tape the valve stem extender down so it doesn’t click the ENTIRE ride and it CLICKS with every wheel rotation. At least the sound changed depending on speed. An hour or so into the Obliteride, I came up with the Zipp Click Song:

Clickety, click, tick, tick go the fast Zipps,
Dimples like a golf ball, clicking like a mufugga, y’all,
303s pushing so much air around it’s sick,
Clickety, click, tickety, tick, tick!

That lyric was punctuated by a Charity Ride Racer saying, “on your left.” Good times on the road and joking aside, what a set up I had for the ride: the Obliteride Whip

Hotspur Hydro R

As unexpectedly hilly as day one of the Obliteride was, the route put the Hydro-R to the test. It was a tap for instant scrub, slight pull for a stop, and a grab for more stopping power on the descents. There’s no wire inside a cable actuating a lever, no resistance, just fluid moving through cylinders. Hydro-R is very smooth and today I’ve removed that ugly duct tape, secured the stem properly, and riding again to meet up with the 180 milers somewhere in Burien.

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