A Wired Interbike

DA Crank of awesome


The feature I wrote for Wired about Interbike was published yesterday in their Playbook section. Wired’s editors chose 15 photos from the hundreds I shot and I’ve uploaded the rest of the best to G+ and Flickr. Of those, Shimano’s new crank filled with carbon nougat was remarkable for its industrial design.

filled with carbon nugget

Filled with carbon nugget

I also confirmed, for reals, that Hed is making carbon clinchers and the best looking wheel from them yet.


Carbon clinchers from Hed

This show was about updated, new and improved products. I noticed the same trend at other events this year. The industry’s focus on design was summed up well by Josh Hon, CEO of Tern Bicycles, who told me.

“It takes the same manufacturing process to make a crappy product as a good one.

The industry is spending more time up front with their design to make “ever-improving gear.”

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