A Tarmac with Roubaix Legs


Hardened drivetrain

While media events are carefully constructed to keep journos on topic and the staff on message, there’s the occasional one-of bike or pet project that shows up in the mechanic’s tent. Like this Saxo Bank Classics bike. This wasn’t part of the SRAM 11 + Hydro launch. It was built a few seasons ago. Look closely and notice it’s actually a Tarmac SL4 with Roubaix legs. Sure you can buy what the pros ride, as the industry’s marketing will tell you, but really what they ride is uniquely laid up for them and from the “special” molds.

my that downtube is HUGE

Downtube as big as a 40

To survive the rigors of the cobbles, the Tarbaix also has a cold-forged derailer hanger, and not one you could bend with your hands. Examining this bike, I said, “wish Spesh would release a bike just like this without the Zertz.”

Call it the Roubaix Elite, whatever, or a Tarbaix.

Not much room there for a tire

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