A SXSW Trifeta then Tacos and Beer

We’ve back at SXSW with Triple the Hugga this year, so we wanted to summarize it one place.

  • Built— Our flavor of a maker, hacker, DIY, Ignite-style event, with the bike as a backdrop.
  • Core Conversation— What Exactly Are We Doing on the Web. Kevin Tamura and Byron we’ll take a good look at just what it is we are doing and where we are going on the Web.
  • Mobile Social— We’re back in Austin, riding, blogging, partying. Please to ride with us and have a good time.

That makes for a full day. We’re making and telling, then talking, and riding. After that? Tacos and beer!

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We Want to Help

Bike Hugger wants to help and we’ve got so much going on, we even get confused. So we made a support site. Ask questions about Built and the MoSo. Wondering what my first name is or do I even have one? Ask and we’ll answer.

Where It’s At

Built will take place on the SXSW Trade Show Next Stage and our Booth is number 101.


The Mobile Social will meet where it always does, at Brush Square Park.


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