A Size-Inclusive Cycling Community

A Size-Inclusive Cycling Community

Watch Fat Bikers: a Size-Inclusive Cycling Community tonight at 5:30 PM. Marley Blonskey & Kailey Kornhauser will talk about ways to make cycling more inclusive. That want to see people of all body sizes, especially people in larger bodies, out riding.

Marley and Kailey are the subjects of an upcoming Shimano film. All Bodies on Bikes will explore their relationship to their bodies on bicycles. It was filmed during a bikepacking trip through Oregon.

Marley is based in Seattle, where she is a mom to two rescue dogs. You might see her around town on her cargo bike or out bike camping as soon as the weather gets nice.

Kailey is a Ph.D student at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon where she spends her time studying and biking through the nearby forest. Marley and Kailey were profiled in The Washington Post last year

Both she and Kornhauser call themselves “fat” as a way of reclaiming a word that can be slung as an insult. They respect that not everyone feels comfortable with that description. When they speak in front of people about how the industry and culture could change to accommodate more riders, they use carefully thought-out phrases. Those include “people in larger bodies” and “size-inclusive spaces.”

A Size-Inclusive Cycling Community Details

Register for the event here. It’s hosted on Zoom.

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