A Short History of Derailers

Cyclo Route


There was a French Cyclo company and a British Cyclo company. The British company somewhat copied the French company’s designs, and became the dominant supplier in the UK in the 40s and 50s. Backwards, bolt-on shifter, friction, and cable pulled. 4 speeds.

A Steampunk artist could connect this to copper tubing and a steam generator to increase the shifting time by a second or more.


Bolt-on, top tube lever and a Simplex suicide shifter.

Campy Super Record 11


This one goes to 11, made with titanium and carbon fiber. This is a derailer you sacrifice yourself for in a crash.

Looks like a part that fell off of Robocop’s suit and shifts like magic.

The Cyclo Route is connected to Bob Freeman’s Duravia.


More photos on Flickr.