A Reader Complaint: Mark V

Reader Ryan filed a complaint:

I would like to post a formal complaint for the removal of the “mark V” tags. I would tune in regularly and read each and every last one of his posts. now my link to his posts does not work. miffed, i have not returned to the site since. here’s one vote to revive mark v tags. or, if by chance you can send me a link to such posts, i would appreciate it. ryan.

That complaint reminded us we hadn’t talked or posted much about our new site features that replaced Mark’s personal tag. Ryan sent us the first complaint ever, so we didn’t just delete it immediately (that excludes Cargonistas complaining that we didn’t cover some obscure cargo bike setup).

Our blog now has

  • Author Profiles
  • Author Archives
  • Author Feeds
  • Author Actions

You can find and subscribe to all of those options by clicking on the Author Profile link on each post and see our authors on the People page.


If you’ve signed up and joined Bike Hugger via Movable Type as a user/commenter, you also have a profile page, like Champs, and can follow other Bike Hugger members.

Giveth and Taketh Away

Mark's new shoes

These features are the easter eggs of our blog and we’ve been remiss in posting about them.

Thanks for the complaint, while we took away Mark V’s tag, we replaced it with much richer Mark options. Subscribe and read him everyday. Then you won’t miss his latest shoe choice or opinions on light setups.

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