A Raver and Goat Smackers

A raver riding in the rain

With a WTF nearly every minute this week, went for a bike ride in the rain and met a raver without a care in the world. So moved by his calmness, wrote about it in a short story on Medium last night.

I should chill like him, I realized. Then thought about his ride the rest of the way home. Also how well that hat and backpack kept him warm and dry in the rain.

For another take on the state of humanity, see Sal’s post on Paved

Don’t laugh about the goat. Just think what a bunch of spandex-clad guys on mountain bikes must look like to them. Anyway, we are all “them.” We are people who like to play our games in public, just like the runners in the Boston Marathon and the goat smackers in Afghanistan.

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