A Musette Full of Fun and Photo Ops

A musette full of fun

A Musette Full of Fun

When Chris and Jeremy from Rapha asked me what schwag they should bring for the MoSo and then suggested musette bags. I said, “sure, we’ll fill ‘em with fun.”

And we did.

Expecting 20 or so would show up in the cold and rainy skies, we were all thrilled when a hundred of us rode around Austin on Terns stopping for photo opps with Lumias.


The bossphone

Tern rides

Rode around on Terns looking for Tacos

The Mobile Social was just a week ago and SXSW has such a long afterglow. We’re planning the next one at SXSW V2V, in Seattle, and then Interbike.

group photo

Obligatory Group Photo

We hope you ride with us and read more about SXSW 14 in Issue 10 of our Magazine that dropped this week on iTunes and the Web.

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