A Most Interesting 2009

We’re back from the Bahamas and before we ride into the New Year, let’s look back at the most interesting content we published in 2009.


Globe Bikes: brake

The brake setup on this Globe – done for a laugh – resulted in lots of discussion, traffic, a Bike Snob diss, and a Stupid Brake Mounts photoset.


Mark V’s post about the BioLogic FreeCharge generated the most traffic. The hits are likely the result of cyclists being into tech and early adopters. We also broke the story.


The Trek District Carbon from TrekWorld was the most viewed video.


The top story of 2009, in terms of bike culture, is Danny Macaskill. His YouTube video has been viewed 13.5 million times since it was uploaded in April of this year. We noticed it too and saw it linked, mentioned, and tweeted about all year long. According to the NY Times, the 30-second spiky fence trick took four days to shoot and the entire video was filmed over 6 months.

Danny is now a celebrity and before that a bike mechanic.

Worth Mentioning

Check David’s post on his favorite photo includes the Globe Launch. Our most popular topics are

Looking back at the year, we did a lot, traveled a lot and had our worldview shifted in India.

Mobile Social Worldwide: India

I’ll talk about that much more during our Mobile Socials at FITC and SXSW with Doug Ulman of Livestrong

Happy New Year all. We hope to see you out riding.

Danny Rail Ride bploaded by tdave.

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