The Mobile Social Remix in Portland

We’re back in Portland for Webvisions and to celebrate their 10th anniversary, we’re mixing it up with a week of bike-related events.


5/18 Show and Tell PDX – Presentations From the Future.

5/19 Mobile Social – Ride the bridges downtown arriving at Webvision’s Party.

5/20 The (un)Wired Future of Bikes – Join an eclectic lineup of bike builders, geeks, gearheads and inventors for a series of short presentations. It’s like convergence on wheels.

5/21 Expo Booth – visit our booth in the Webvisions Exhibit Hall. We’ll have gear, specials, and schwag.

Bike Hugger Mobile Social Portlan 2009


Show and Tell

We’re joining our friends at Substance for a series of talks about the future. The doors open at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, May 18th, at Substance World Headquarters.

Mobile Social

Bike Hugger Mobile Social Portlan 2009 Meet at the Oregon Convention Center at 6:00 PM (MLK side near the bike racks) on 5/19 and ride to Lucky Lab in the Pearl for Webvisions 10th Anniversary Party. Our urban rides or always a relaxed, no-drop pace.


At 1:15, on Thursday 5/20, in the Webvisions Exhibit Hall, our speakers will present these talks about the (un)Wired Future of Bikes:

  • Making Your Bike a Hands-Free Mobile OfficeJoe Kurmaskie
  • Up Shift: Bringing Online Communities to Biking – DL Byron, Bike Hugger
  • New Gadgets to Keep you Connected When Pedaling – Brian Krejcarek, Green Goose
  • The Future of Biking Wears Skirts and High HeelsApril Streeter
  • Future Bikes – Phillip Ross, Metrofiets
  • Simplicity of the BikeNick Finck
  • Cyclocross – Matt Haughey, Metafilter
  • Biking + Social Media = Global Change – Leah Swindon, EDOT
  • Top Mobile Apps for Bike – David Schloss, Bike Hugger
  • Shoot it! Biking and Digital PhotographyKris Krug
  • Velosynth – Michael Felix, Velosynth
  • The Typography of the Bicycle – Shawn O’Keefe, SXSW Interactive


We’ll have select Hugga Comfort gear on sale in our Webvisions Expo Booth and online in our Amazon Store starting May 17th.


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