A Jean Michel Basquiat Bike

Spotted this Jean Michel Basquiat bike on the starting line of the Pro 123 men at Ronde Ohop. We’ve posted about art bikes, covered Trek’s projects, and more, but haven’t seen anything quite like this.


Recognized the name when starting to take photos at the start line


The whole livery line bow is a famous Basquiat quote


The head tube graphic resembles this untitled work

Basquiat is an American artist whose started with graffiti in New York City in the late 1970s, and in the 1980s he produced Neo-expressionist painting. From his collaborations with Warhol to appearing in the Blondie rapture video, you’ve likely seen his work.


When we were in Rome, these posters were everywhere. I’m inquiring further now ‘cause that’s not a bike you see every day and another facet of bike culture.

See the full-rez photos of the Jean Michel Basquiat Race Bike on Flickr and Google Plus.

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