A 100 Miles: West Seattle to Enumclaw and Back


Sign post after Little Euro climb

It’s good to ride a century, test your limits, and see what you can do. I’m not in super-endurance cycling (at least not now), but hearing more about riding big miles from my colleagues and also following the trend of Gravel Grinders and Grand Fondos. On Saturday we rode a West Seattle to Enumclaw loop. The route is along the valley, the Little Euro climb near Pacific, then to the Enumclaw Plateau, and back. To get up to the plateau, we followed a thin strip of pavement towards an old mill. It’s an access road that’s grown over for the past 30 years and required some Cyclocross skills to navigate.

Thin strip of pavement

An old mill access road

At 75 miles and a strong tailwind, we opened it up pushing 20, 21 and 23 mph at times to an average speed of 17.5 for the day. Here’s the route with embedded photos.


Rolling with few stops

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