A Hugga Pledge

In light of Huffington Post and AOL’s shotgun wedding designed to fill the net with crap just to drive traffic–we just wanted to let you know that we do this for the love. We don’t linkbait, we don’t write posts to capture buzz or to rank high in the trends. We do this organically for the community. We figure the more people there are to ride with the better. We also think that if we make good products, people will buy them and we can work on eliminating ads and making Hugga cleaner and fresher.

We won’t sell your data, we’re not hijacking your Facebook posts or your statuses. There aren’t a bunch of VC suits pushing us to grab mindshare, it’s just us and our bikes.  

We’ve already moved to Happy Cog Hosting, a new blogging app is next, and then we’re focusing on our events, and online store. You’ll eventually see more and better content with less clutter.

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