A Glass Explorer with a Bike

glass with shades

Glass with Sportwear

Didn’t really have a Glass action plan if picked and responded to their #ifihadglass hashtag campaign because of my interests and posts about Heads-up displays. Also joked about how Glass maybe Google’s Segway. Then last night, Project Glass invites me into their Glass Explorer program. They did so based on this idea.

ifihadglass would share with you how a bike is made from concept, to welding, to assembly, and then the first ride.

Glass as a Frame

A HUD project on a frame

For 7 years we’ve mostly ridden around, taken photos, and shared them here. Mostly. Also featured handbuilt bikes, so the statement above is an obvious application and use of a wearable computer. Thinking ahead to apps though, will Glass show me what how fast and far I’ve ridden? Sure, the Smith Recons do that now.

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