A Dirty, Slushy Ride with Debris


While Steve and Pam portaged around a fallen tree, I took a quick photo with my iPhone inside the Biologic Reecharge case. The day was that gloomy looking. The ride dirty and slushy with debris everywhere. Tweeted Retweet when we got back

Rode straight into the Pineapple Express today, full soak through in minutes, pushed the limits of our outerwear. A dirty slush ride.

Regarding the outerwear, the ride itself didn’t seem that epic until we turned into that storm and it was like a cold, constant, punishing Silkwood shower. That’s the first time eVent couldn’t handle the conditions and its clammy tendencies made me feel too cold. Not only did I sweat the laminate out, but it got wet too. The water came in from my neck, down from the helmet and cap. I couldn’t vent the clamminess either, cause I didn’t want more water flowing in.

The best thing to do in situations like that, besides calling your mommy, is to burn calories to stay warm. Steve was ahead pushing through and I got on his wheel with Pam inline behind. In a few miles, about 45 minutes later, that storm front and icy squall passed and the temps were balmy. eVent worked well then and did what it’s supposed to do. I unzipped to dehumidify the microclimate and was back to comfort in a few more miles.

When the eVent gets clammy, a stinging cold rain against your face, and even darker storm clouds ahead, a good wheel to pick is @sgluckman.

Up a hill and ‘round another bend, I saw the storms clouds gathering, getting dark again, and the temperature dropped. I decided to drive it back home and with a tailwind got on top of the gear. I knew all of us would get in a bad or worse way, if treated to another squall.


Reviewing Novara’s first-gen eVent jacket a couple years ago, I said

you can get cold real fast if you’re just wearing a thin liner and a jacket.

In the Winter, when I’m wearing eVent, I always carry a balled-up rain cape in a jersey pocket. I had the cape at the ready for this ride too, but we made in home just in time. As Pam heated up mochas, the rain started again. We were also relieved to have not crashed on black ice.

Mother Nature is boss ‘round here and no matter the technical materials you’re wearing, she’ll remind you of it, at will. It’s best to prepare, as well as you can.

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