A Cargonista @ Eurobike

Henry is an influential amongst the Cargonistas who you may not know about yet. He’s likely responsible for the cargo bike your either riding or thinking about riding. Henry left the American corporate world to change the world with bikes and does so from a shop in Amsterdam called WorkCycles.

Regardless of who was copying who it was all very much about cult audiences, and the few firms involved were busy keeping it all to the extremist elite. I was fascinated by the possibilities and fun of these crude machines and convinced that with better design, quality, service … in short professionalisation the bakfiets would be popular amongst normal families and businesses.

Last week during his annual pilgrimage to Eurobike, Henry takes issue with the latest Handbuilt bike show knockoffs, Amsterdam via China, and mountain bikes apparently built to carry pizzas to skiers. He also blogs what you won’t see in the glossy mags or ad-plastered websites.


We visited WorkCycles last year and are planning another visit next month. I’d like to zip around Amsterdam on a one speed with a step through frame while there. It’s Dutch for fast.

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