A Bike-Trailer Celebration Concert

This Saturday, 8 p.m. Saturday, at Gallery 1412 there’s a special concert for a Haulin Colin bike trailer built for John Teske’s double bass. John is on a mission with the bike and his music:

Teske hopes the spread of a bike-only transit ethic will help spur improvements in the biking infrastructure in Seattle. He cites Copenhagen, Denmark, where bike paths are clearly separated from motor and pedestrian traffic, as inspiring in this regard. He fondly recalls a woman he met there who was moving from one apartment to another entirely by bike. Everything but her bed, he marvels.


The trailer project is also on kickstarter and funded. We haven’t met John, but did meet Brad Hawkins who is a Seattle author and often rides around with a cello.

For more of Haulin Colin’s work, see the Madison Market bicycle-powered float he made and read more about John in a Seattle Times article.

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