A 5 S&S Bike Ride

Roll Out

Roll Out from Kihei-Kai

5 S&S travel bikes showed up for a flat spin on Maui yesterday. Of those 5, the new hotness was one built by Milwaukee Bicycle Company in steel with discs and Athena 11. His bros must get pissed cause he’s always late when everything on that bike has to coordinate.

color coordinated

Color coordinated

At the intersection after this sign, we turned left towards Wailuku, then back into Kihei along route 311.

Turned left

We went right

This route is photomapped on Google and high-rez photos are on G+ and Flickr.

S&S bikes are built with couplings that come apart so a traveler can pack the bike in a suitcase. Apart, they look like this on a vacation condo floor. Read more about them in this post.

On a condo floor

On a condo floor

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