A $3K Commuter

That’s a Civia built with Afline and Rohloff hub. Hugga spotted the bike at a shop last weekend – retails at about 3K. What’s remarkable about the bike is that there’s a market for a 3K commuter and the shop has sold a few. Those dollars could’ve gone to a high-end road, mountain, or custom bike. There was a lot of discussion about Civia when they first launched: was the US market finally ready (again) for Euro-style commuters, would anyone even buy a 1K commuter? Well, the answer is yes!

Talking with Civia a couple weeks ago, I learned that they’ve got another unique model coming in 09. We’ll post the details as soon as we get them. With Interbike coming up – the bike industry trade show – we’re also on the look out for more bikes like this.

Note: Alfine with Rohloff is one sweet set up.

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