3T Sprint bar part 2!

A while ago I mentioned that 3T was introducing a new track sprint dropbar that was based on their TT base bars. The design was awkward but I was very curious about the ergonomics of the handlebar. But alas, that design will never see production after all. No, apparently that design was casually discarded in favour of a somewhat more conventional shape…that happens to be the most beautiful handlebar ever dreamed of by god or man.

Readers, fellow cyclists, Mr President…I give you the new-new 3T Scatto sprint bar. Whenever this is available, I suggest you cue up behind me to get one…you see, I have a knife, and it is not advisable to stand between me and that bar. scatto ltd 3-4 .png



Curiously, the bar is offered in a 35 and 37cm sizes, which is hella narrow. I mean, I like a 38cm, but I’m just 5’3”. Unless 3T is using some weird reference point on the bar to determine size, I’m not sure who would want the 35cm size. Well, until I find out otherwise, I’m gonna get a 37cm size for myself and the rest of you can go screw.

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