3T Scatto Track Sprint Handlebar

Orbea Lobular Pista (custom) A few months ago I noticed the Deda Zero100 Pista stem, which Deda bills as the upcoming star of the London Olympics track cycling events. As I said before, I have my doubts about that claim. But if you want to see a tasty bit that I can almost guarantee will be ridden to an Olympic medal, then have a look at the 3T Scatto handlebar. Developed by 3T in collaboration with the Australian national team, the Scatto handlebar was used by Anna Meares as she swept the sprint events at this year’s world championships; she has to be considered a favourite for those events at next year’s Olympics. Of course, you’re not likely to see this bar on too many messenger bikes any time soon. One reason is the $400 retail price; the other reason is that barely a dozen or so have even been imported into the US so far…..oh, but lookie there….there’s seems to be one on my bike.

That’s right, I am the buyer at the bike shop, and I ordered one in November before they had even finalized the design. It’s called getting in line, or maybe camping out for it. Also, I was not put off by the 35cm c-c width. I’m still getting used to the bar, but so far I really like it.

3T Scatto bar in knit cozy As I opened the shipping package from the importer, I was expecting either no packaging or maybe an elaborate box with foam padding like the 3T integrated aerobars (Brezza II, Aura, etc)…..what I was not expecting was a knit handlebar cozy. Somehow it only elevated the mystique.

The Scatto is offered in 35cm and 37cm sizes, and it really is 35cm centre to centre. That’s pretty narrow! Plus the reach and drop are also surprisingly dainty at 72mm and 128mm respectively. What isn’t dainty is the 368gr heft.

3T Scatto bar

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